Our Services

1:1 Sessions

Receiving one-on-one treatment for a full hour eliminates the need to come in multiple times a week, like you may have had to do in a previous clinic. Over the course of your treatment, you will likely need half or less of the visits required by other in-network clinics. We value your time and maximize each treatment session with diligence and detail so you can come in less often and get better faster.

Education Based

Providing you with the tools to be successful outside of our treatment sessions is our goal. You will learn what to do on your own in order to continue healing between visits. Our facility is equipped for any type of training and your therapy will always support your sport or performance goals, a key factor in your full recovery.

Streamlined App

Comprehensive home exercise programs are built out and customized for each client. Programs include all directions, loading, videos, and frequency to clearly direct your training. In-app messaging is available to every client, you have the unique ability to message your provider between sessions, get video feedback on exercises, and relay progress.